About You (Getting Started)

Coming to counseling is a brave step, so way to go! We understand that it can be scary to ask for help and be vulnerable with someone, but research shows that the average person in therapy will have better outcomes than 79% of those who don’t seek treatment (Dr. Henry Westra, summary of over 3000 scientific studies). Studies comparing therapy to medication show that therapy is as effective or more effective during treatment than medications and the results last after treatment is completed.

The two key indicators of the effectiveness of therapy for you is the relationship or fit with your therapist and how much you practice what you learn in therapy in your every-day life. So schedule a time to come meet with us and begin your journey towards health and healing. Contact us for more information. You can reach Beth at 678-353-6778 or beth@waystonelmft.com, and Karis at 678-644-0407 or karis@waystonelmft.com.